Andrea Cooper

Certified Divorce Mediator



Divorce does not have to be as costly as it has historically been. Divorce can also be driven by the clients themselves instead of lawyers. Most courts are now requiring a mediator to act as a third party for conflict resolution as well as negotiation. Mediation is private, less expensive than court, client driven, and can have better negotiated outcomes for both parties. Even in an uncontested divorce there are 20-25 issues that must be resolved.

​Litigation vs Mediation

​In a divorce litigation there are 3 phases: 1) pleadings phase or beginning of court case, 2) discovery phase or part where each party receives information relative to the case, and 3) the divorce trial.

​In a mediation each party can meet with the third party negotiator to discuss and resolve issues without going to trial. Each party can also have a mental health professional and a lawyer as part of their team. The goal is to file a Memorandum of Understanding with the court and avoid a trial.

The first mediation session fee is $350.00 and the Memorandum of Understanding is $450.00. Many Memorandum of Understandings are reached with one session. Each one hour session fee is $350.00.

Let me assist and support you in a difficult time with the least amount of financial hardship. By anticipating these upcoming difficulties you will be prepared to survive a divorce.